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The Therapy Process

During the first session we will discuss the concerns that brought you into therapy as well as general history and relevant experiences. Information that is important is anything that you feel impacts your life, either currently or in the past. Among other things, this may include your general thoughts and feelings, significant relationships, family dynamics, history of abuse or trauma, drug or alcohol use, past mental health treatment, health concerns, parenting issues and work experience. Based on this information we will develop goals and a treatment plan which is agreeable to both of us.

Sometimes therapy can be a difficult and painful process as you begin to confront difficult issues and memories. Change in general is often a struggle as you begin to develop new and unfamiliar thoughts and behaviors. My goal is to help and support you through these changes and I encourage you to share feedback or any concerns you may have about any aspect of the process. The commitment and effort you put into the work in therapy will result in the life changes you want.

The duration of treatment depends largely on the nature of the problem. Together we will decide the length of our work together, the type of therapy and how often we will meet. Often times sessions will be weekly and then move to twice monthly. This is a collaborative process and your input is essential for it to be successful.

One who looks outside, dreams. One who looks inside, awakens.

Carl Jung